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Evaluate the concept of cognitive psychology

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Evaluate the concept of cognitive psychology.

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Memory is the mechanism humans utilize in order to create, code and synthesize, store and maintain and retrieve information from the past. Reasoning is more about how people make inferences; arrive at and draw conclusions; deduce and solve problems; and how they make decisions. (Carroll, 2003). The term cognitive, means "to know" and 'cognition,' literally means "knowing". As it relate to the field of Psychology, experts usually study cognition using the approach of the concept as at times mindful, and mental act or processes by which we acquire knowledge. Cognitive Psychology (CP) centers around the notion that if we want to know what 'gets people going' and so on, we have to first understand the internal processes of their minds. Cognitive psychology also focuses on the way as humans we process information; how we analyze information, data and different stimuli; and how they lead to responses (McLeod, 2007).

Therefore, the main interest lies in assessing and understanding the variables that mediate between ...

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An evaluation of the concepts of cognitive psychology is provided.