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    Sexual Knowledge and Technology

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    How have advances in sexual knowledge and technology facilitated human sexual expression? [If you would like to focus on a specific group of people (e.g., women, gay men, kinksters, etc.), or a specific sexual complication, you may do so].

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    How have advances in sexual knowledge and technology facilitated human sexual expression?

    Research suggests that society is moving toward a technological global information-based society. For instance, the internet has become the way of communication for most of the world (Social side of the Internet). Online delivery systems make up one of the fastest-growing users of online technology. The Internet has become an integral part of the structure and delivery of services including heath care, and educational services. With the advent of the computer and the Internet, efforts in psychology have focused on utilizing technology in ways that impact individuals and their families more positively. For example, the Internet has been utilized as a therapeutic medium for various mental health concerns. Haberstroh et al present studies that show clinical interventions via online Internet counseling include: suicide intervention, online marriage counseling, family therapy and weight loss (p. 461). Research also indicates that one's sexuality is shaped by environmental factors such as: (a) cultural beliefs and economic and social status. For example, in some cultures sexual identities are not recognized, stigmatized and thus rejected. Studies found that the quality of life ...

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    This solution discusses advances in sexual knowledge and technology as it influences human sexual expression by specific groups.co