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    Challenges and Opportunities of Workplace Diversity

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    What are strategies that companies have implemented or should consider implementing to effectively address the challenges and opportunities of workplace diversity?

    Refer to a best practices model of at least one organization in any industry that has successfully implemented an innovative diversity program, which can be modified and replicated on some level.

    How does diversity help to strengthen the workforce?

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    UPS is a very innovative company, both strategically and in the use of technology. They also have one of the most diverse work-forces in the world. The ability of the company to remain successful depends on their work-force and helping that work-force.

    "Professional Conduct and Anti-Harassment Policy: UPS encourages a positive work environment through its "Professional Conduct and Anti-Harassment Policy," which prohibits harassment based on race, sex, national origin, disability, sexual ...

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    The solution discusses the challenges and opportunities of workplace diversity.