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    Technology Application in Human Services

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    Share the work that you are doing with technology in human services. Describe how the tools and applications that you use today support your own work or the work of your organization. Additionally, are there ways that the applications that exist currently could be improved so that they are more effective, easier to use or more reliable?

    Where there are technological applications that support communication to and from clients or agencies that receive services, do those applications work well or are there improvements in user skill, functionality, access or user-friendliness that would make their use even more effective?

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    Human Services & Technology

    As society advances scientifically, the varied innovations & changes that technology brings affects the way we conduct our lives. In the Human services field, technology is used from the most mundane to the most complicated processes in the course of performing duties and roles. In the workplace and in the field, technology, both for personal and professional use has led to maximization and efficiency. The field encompasses so much varied disciplines and concerns - welfare, health, law enforcement, social work, etc. Each concern adapts the most useful technology and applies this to make that field more efficient. In law enforcement for example, computer programs and efficient information sharing based on very secure network has made cases easier to solve, files referenced faster on a national scale. Databases are also made available to all law enforcement agencies on very secure networks ...

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