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    Designing Technologies and Professional Development

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    1. Discuss why interfaces need to be transparent and adaptable to their users.


    2. Using the list of addresses in the Appendix B, browse the World Wide Web for two articles. Include the URL addresses to identify your sources.

    a. Select a news article or product review that discusses an emerging information technology. Discuss the content of the article, demonstrating how it relates to the technology. What type of technology was addressed in the article? What is its function and benefit or impact?

    b. Select an article that reflects a case study on or web site of a company that effectively facilitates building relationships between business partners, customers, and/or suppliers. Discuss the content of the article, demonstrating how it relates to the topic.

    Professional Development

    1. Discuss whether your organization employs an open system or closed system in its application of information technology. Discuss the benefit of open systems to the organization.

    Issues to Consider

    1. There are a number of ways the electronic commerce is disruptive to merchants and continuous to consumers. Explain why. Support your response with experience.



    Appendix examples:

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    //As per the directions, we will write about the 'Concept of Interface'. We will also write about the reasons for keeping the interfaces transparent and adaptable to the users. It will assist in understanding the emerging technologies in the market.//


    An interface is an abstract entity of a component of software. In information technology, an interface is a level of interconnection. This interconnection may be between a network and a terminal or between two networks (Kendall, 1999). User interfaces are the means which connect the people with computer programs or devices. These interfaces should be transparent and adaptable to their user.

    The interfaces should be transparent and adaptable because with these properties human contacts are not required. This helps the users to afford less cost and collect of new information about the customers. The transparent interface also helps in the growth of its value to better meet the customers' need. The transparent and adaptable interface helps to improve many transactions, without any involvement of the operators. These interfaces help the users to handle voice recognition and speak several languages (Why interfaces need to be transparent and adaptable to their users? 2003).

    The adaptation quality of the interface makes them adaptable automatically according to the skill level of users. These interfaces have the quality of recording the transactions, which the human beings cannot do. Thus, the interfaces with adaptability and transparency are very helpful for the users.

    //Above, we discussed about the information provided in the two selected articles concerned with the emerging information technology. We will also write about the type of technology addressed in the article and its function and benefit or impact.//


    A) The given article is about a new technology developed by Apple.com. The new technology is based on software. This software enables the 802.11n Wi-If technology. According to the article, Apple was a shipping Mac, with the hardware to support 802.11n. The problem was that the draft of the 802.11n was unable to develop the software required by the company. But with this new technology, the draft specification is completed and the software can make the 802.11n hardware. This new technology provides great network ranges and high speed wireless connection. The other products of Apple like Apple TV product also use 802.11n chip. Thus, the given technology ...

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