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Standardization, flexibility and innovation

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Research standardization, flexibility and innovation in product/process design. How does this information apply to 3M, an innovative company with a variety of products? You will need to provide proof of 3M's innovation, flexibility, and/or standardization.

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Standardization, flexibility and innovation is discussed very comprehensively in this explanation..

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The standardization in product/process design means designing in terms of either industry set standards or company set standards. The industry or the company specifies procedures, dimensions, or even materials. These are complied with when designing products/processes. The advantages of standardization are fewer errors, less rework, and higher quality products in shorter time.

Flexibility in product/system development means the ability to make changes in the product/system relatively late in the development. The later the changes can be made, the more flexible is the product development process. Usually, when the product is innovative, ...

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