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New Product Development and role of Purchasing

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1. From your research, discuss the procedures/processes contributing to the integration of standardization and simplification in developing new products?

2. What is the role of purchasing and supply management professionals in the facilitation of these procedures/processes? How can the use of cross-functional teams benefit the development of new or improve existing products?

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Developing New Products: Standardization, Simplification

Integration of standardization and simplification in developing new products
The standardization and simplification aspects of new product development are among the concerns of the technical aspect. As such, in contemplating to produce a new product or to go into a new venture, the following are among the major concerns (Kuratko, 2004):
1. Functional design of the product and attractiveness of the appearance
2. Flexibility of product features to meet customer demands as well as technological and competitive changes
3. Durability of the materials from which the product is made
4. Reliability of the product
5. Product safety
6. Reasonable utility
7. Ease and low cost of maintenance
8. Standardization through elimination of ...

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In this report, new product development process was discussed, specifically the technical aspect evaluation. Under the technical aspect is the concept of standardization or simplification. Standardization would mean ensuring the unnecessary variety of interchangeable parts are reduced. Features and design are then simplified not only to ease the handling and manufacturing processes but most importantly, to reduce relevant costs. The role of effective purchasing and supply management professionals in the operational aspect of new product development is also included in this report.