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Statistics in Business Research

Please help analyzing "how statistics is used to present information in research?"

Why use statistics in business research, and what is its role?
How is statistical data collected and how was it measured in research?
What are the findings of statistics in research?

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Why use statistics in business research, and what is its role?

Consider the statistics in business research to measure successes or failures that requires new strategic decision making to rectify or increase performance, in which, the statistical provide needed data for management review. Statistical data can range from numerical or descriptive information that conducted during a period of time of evaluation, thereby; the data supports or discredits assumptions on business performance. Try and think of the role in using statistics in business research as a means to deter measure the following areas:

a) Performance in productivity to how many products or services rendered within the targeted ...

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The review into statistical research key importance in business to succeed within the targeted marketplace.