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Research often used in marketing and sale business functions

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I need help with these two questions:

1. Descriptive statistics and research is often used in the marketing and sales business functions. What other areas might it be found in? Relate to your own experiences where possible.

2. You are the manager of a customer service department and call center. Customers are continuously complaining that they are on hold entirely too long before reaching a representative. Your job is to solve this problem.

a) If you performed no research on the problem, what might you say would be the first solution that would come to mind?

b) Instead of jumping to conclusions in part a, what types of research would you perform in order to identify the real problem? What kind of issues might really turn up to be the problem?

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1. Descriptive statistics and research could be found be:
a. Government departments: The government is responsible for projecting actual state of a region or country at any given point in time. Hence, it has to research through various agencies for the latest happenings in the economy and update various numbers in the database, like total population as of now, percentage of men and women, per capita income, etc.

b. Societies, like American Cancer Society: ...

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The research often used in marketing and sales business functions are examined.