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    Sales and Marketing

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    These question are sample ones but how do they applied to my business. I work in a board in care. We deal in Mental Retardation and Down Syndrome clients who are some very high function clients and others who are very low functions. Some can take care of themselves some need to learn how to bathe, dress, and feed themselves. I take them to there day programs and they come home at the end of the day. That is just some ideal what I do. Now how is marketing and Sales relate to my busines.

    The second question is advertising campaign. How is that suppose to relate to what I do for a living. I don't like to watch news at all so how am I going to learn about advertising campaign for fun if that don't peek my interest. help me to understand these Sample questions so that maybe I can figure out what to do with the real questions. Some times if I had an understanding of one question and it will be easy for me to understand another questions because one will be example while the other will be the real question.

    First Sample question.
    While the terms "marketing" and "sales" are often confused and used interchangeably, they are not synonymous. Compare and contrast these two functions within an organization. How are they different? How are they similar? How do they interrelate with each other?

    Second Sample question.
    Describe a current or recent advertising campaign you found to be particularly effective. What was it about this campaign you thought worked particularly well? How did it impact your attitude toward the product, service or organization? Did you take any direct action as a result of the campaign?

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    // "Marketing" and "sales" are often confused and used interchangeably; but they are not synonymous. In this paper, we are going to discuss these two inter-related concepts. But before starting, it is essential that we must introduce the topic like, this://

    Sales and Marketing

    Marketing and Sales

    Marketing is in fact a primeval art. It has been in practice in one form or the other since the days of Adam and Eve. In the present world, marketing is the most vital function in the business world. It is a community process where the consumer wants and needs are disseminated according to the different product/service qualities they require for final consumption. The marketers focus at creating awareness among the perspective as well as the existing customers. Sale is the activity, which involves transferring of the ownership of the product to the customer and delivering the service to the final consumer (Ramaswamy & Namakumari, 2007.

    // After giving a brief introduction; we now, move on to comparing and contrasting the twin concepts of sales and marketing. We would first begin with the 'Differences between Sales and Marketing'. //

    Differences between Sales and Marketing

    There are many differences in the concepts of selling and marketing. These can be discussed in the following lines. Marketing is much more dynamic ...

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    The response address the queries posted in 841 words with references.