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    Some stats questions

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    1. As a Realtor, would be more beneficial to quote the mean or median price of homes in your area? Why or Why Not?

    2. If you wanted your salary critiqued against others, would you prefer the HR Manager to use mean or median? Why or Why Not?

    3. If a study examines: who/what/when/how much, it is termed a _________________ type of study?

    4. If a study examines: relationship among variables, it is termed a _______________ type of study?

    5. What type of study has been termed a "scientifically worthless" study and why?

    6. What are two examples of a qualitative study?

    7. What is the value of a qualitative study?

    8. What is an example of a dichotomous scale/answer?

    9. What is the purpose of creating a histogram?

    10. We used the term "consumer of research". After 5 weeks of discussion, what does that mean to you?

    11. Why do you think people are more familiar with certain types statistics (sports) and business statistics?

    12. How and why is probability used in business research?

    13. What are the characteristics of a normal probability distribution?

    14. What is the empirical rule and what is its purpose in statistics?

    15. What is the difference between a Rating Scale and a Ranking Scale?

    16. When is more advantageous to use a 5 point scale over a 3 point scale?

    17. What is the purpose of summated rating scales (Likert Scale most known of summated scales)?

    18. Why is it important to evaluate NOIR scales and what purpose do they serve in the research process?

    19. What role does internal validity serve in the research process?

    20. What role does external validity serve in the research process?

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