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    Application of Descriptive Statistics and Inferential Statistics

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    Provide an example from your work or home life; illustrate the difference between the application of descriptive statistics and inferential statistics.

    What type of information would you be looking to obtain with inferential statistics and which tools might you use to achieve that?

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    Let us go over some examples first. What if a person is on a diet and wants to monitor the amount of calories they consume? They can keep a log of everything they eat in a notepad. Having all the raw data provides no useful info - it would be nice to computer descriptive stats. You can sum up everything you eat on a given day to get the total calories. You can then look at a few elements - the average calories consumed over the week, the max and min. This gives an overview of the caloric consumption, which is useful to keep a person on track.

    However, you can't make any type of analysis based on this data. This is where inferential stats come into play. You can then start to analyze your food ...

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