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    General Statistics: Qualitative and Quantitative Variables

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    1. In 2002 The Cinergy Corporation sold 35,615 million cubic feet of gas to residential customers and a increase of 1.1% over the previous year. Does this information represent descriptive statistics or inferential statistics? Why?

    2. What is the difference between a qualitative variable and a quantitative variable? When would each be appropriate?

    3. The Acme School of Locksmiths has been accredited for the past 15 years. Discuss how this information might be interpreted as a
    a. qualitative variable
    b. quantitative variable

    4. The Snowbird Ski Lodge attracts skiers from several New England States. For each of the following scales of Measurements, provide one example of information that might be relevant to the lodge's business
    a. nominal
    b. ordinal
    c. Interval
    d. Ratio

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    1) Essentially, descriptive are used to 'describe' raw data. For example, when you have a bunch of numbers (raw data), this does not provide the researcher with any useful information. We would calculate descriptive stats on the data to better understand what the number mean. As well, we can take perhaps hundreds of data points and calculate descriptive stats and have one overall number that might be meaningful to the researcher.

    What are some examples of stats that can be conducted?

    So in summary, it is esentially taking data and describe it such that it is easy for a researcher to read.

    Inferential stats on the other hand, you are looking at the descriptive stats and taking it one step further. You are trying to analyze the data or to infer conclusions from the data. We make judgement on the data. We can compare two sets of data to each other.

    One example would be a t-test ...

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