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    Important information about job-embedded learning

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    What does the term, job-embedded learning, mean to you? What experiences have you had in designing job-embedded learning? How does this concept relate to differentiated instructional strategies on peer coaching?

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    June 29, 2010

    Job-embedded learning is the type of learning that takes place while teachers and administrators are performing their daily job duties. In fact, this learning takes advantage of the interactive relationship dynamics that can be found in almost all schools; supervisor-teacher conference and staff meetings.
    In your answer, you might discuss the numerous benefits of designing job-embedded learning in the educational setting. You could mention that this kind of learning can strengthen the interaction and relationship between supervisors and teachers and create a diverse environment for ideas. By reflecting on their experiences and sharing new insights, teachers are in a ...

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    Job-embedded learning is discussed. The experts experiences in designing job-embedded learning is given.