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The Learning Setting for Adult Trainings

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I am pretending to be an employee trainer in an educational organization, I need to submit a 1 page glossary handout that defines the specific learning/training setting and all evaluation terms that can be shared with employees in training. cite all sources where definitions come from. APA style is not necessary

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Learning settings should consider learning styles of the participants, be job-embedded, provide for social discourse of the topic, interactive strategies, planned using the Primacy Recency Effect, and allow for participants to clearly know what learning is expected.

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Thanks for your help in clarifying the request. I hope that the information I have provided below, along with resources will help you in completing your assignment. If the rubric you have suggests something other than what I have provided, please do let me know. I'm happy to help further.

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Marla Bainbridge

Learning/Training Setting and Assessment and Evaluation

? Consideration of learning styles to present information and the variations of opportunities for students to show ...

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