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    Hiring Non-Traditional Workers

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    1. Non-traditional workers are often overlooked. Discuss two of these classes of non-traditional workers. What are the advantages of hiring these workers? Where can you find these workers? Explain.
    2. Your firm wants to recruit people like you. Develop a plan on how they could best identify you and where they could put a recruitment message where you are likely to see it and respond to it.

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    1. Non-traditional workers include individuals with multiple jobs, contingent and part-time workers, and people in alternative work arrangements. We will be discussing the following two classes: Temporary workers and Independent Contractors.

    - Advantages of hiring Temporary Workers include the reduced financial impact to the employer including taxes, level of employer liability regarding compliance with Federal, State and local laws, reduced employee benefits, etc. However, because of the new Affordable Care Act ...

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    This solution discusses non-traditional workers and the advantages of hiring them. It also develops a plan on how to best identify you and where they could put in a recruitment message.