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Affirmative action historical case analysis

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I have a three page paper on affirmative action to work on this week. I was looking for page on any case that an expert may choose. If you could, please provide a summary of the history and the outcome of the case. Discuss the positives and negatives of affirmative action in general and whether you agree or disagree with the specific findings of the case.

This will be greatly appreciated, I just need a kick start.


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If you could, please provide a summary of the history and the outcome of the case.

A woman, who was laid off by the school district in a collective bargaining agreement between the teacher union and the school board, started this case. It challenged the school board's policy of protecting minority workers, despite seniority. The case stated that non-minority workers suffered by the goal of not laying off a percentage of minority workers, despite the percentage being higher than the actual percentage of minorities working in the school system. The problem of hiring and layoffs puts burdens on innocent in an effort to not impose those same burdens on ...

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Affirmative action for historical case analysis is examined.

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