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    Marketing Questions: Advertising

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    Please help answering these two questions. Each question should be answered in 200-300 words.

    1. Describe how and why advertising has changed over time. How does your company, or a company that you know well, use advertising? Please illustrate your argument with at least one relatively current brand-specific example.

    2. Does advertising create societal trends or do society trends create advertising? Please illustrate your argument with at least one relatively current example.

    Please provide all references used.

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    Running Head: ADVERTISING

    Advertising and its effects

    Change in Advertising Over-time
    From the time the concept of advertising has emerged, it has become an immense part of everyone's lives. Advertising has changed from the time, it has emerged significantly and it is due to the increasing advancements in Information technology and digital tools (Kotler, Keller, Koshy & Jha, 2009). The changing preferences and requirements of customers along with the rapid advancements of information technology have considerably affected advertising in its every aspect.
    The change in advertising overtime is due to emerging role of internet. The Internet is rapidly overwhelming traditional communications media. Immense elevates in information technology are hastening the movement of marketing communication in a different manner that in turn is altering the concept of advertising in an inclusive manner (Integrated Marketing Communication Strategy, 2010). Now, every organization is adopting online advertising as the business procedures are becoming more and more advanced.
    This process of traditional communication media and online advertising is also altered nowadays in the form of Interactive ...

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