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    Advertising Effectiveness

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    Select an advertising campaign you enjoyed and analyze it. Provide links for your classmates so they can view the campaign. Create a 300-400-word response and state why the campaign attracted your attention. Be sure to include the answers to the following questions in your response:

    - Did it create a desire for the product advertised? Why?
    - What was the execution method used in the campaign? Was it an effective execution method or would another one have worked better?
    - How can a marketing manager measure the effectiveness of his or her advertising campaign?
    - What is integrated marketing communications and did the advertising campaign which you analyzed incorporate the elements of integrated marketing communications? Why or why not?

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    I enjoy most of the commercials with Flo. The Castle one caught my attention because of the subject matter, which is popular at the moment, the information, the setting/background, and the quick quips. For the first few times one watches any commercial with Flo, there is something new to pick up on, and yet the Progressive message comes through completely every time. Since Progressive has many different commercials about their products, many featuring the popular character, Flo, nearly every interest is acknowledged and covered in some manner by Progressive marketing. "Name your price gun" and "comparing rates" have produced some of the most interesting and informative commercials, most including a touch of humor that keeps people ...

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    The product advertised desire is created. How a marketing manager can measure the effective execution method.