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    What are advertising liking, advertising likability and advertising effectiveness? Critically analyse the statement "Advertising has to be liked to be successful advertising" by giving some international examples. At least 15 ACADEMIC references (from journal, research or books, not from the internet) should be provided. No plagiarism, about 2,000 to 2,500 words are required.

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    //Before writing about advertising liking, advertising likability and advertising effectiveness, one should know about the main concept of advertising. It is essential to know about the key aspects of advertising, which will further assist in analyzing the advertising effectiveness//


    It is a communication form, which is used by the marketer to persuade the potential customer to buy or consume the products and brands of that particular company. It is one of the most visible elements of marketing communication. It is a paid form of non-personal communication. It is designed to produce more consumption of the products or brands, which the company manufactures. It comes under marketing communication, which is a mode through which companies communicate or deliver their stated messages about their products & services.

    It is basically used to inform or generate awareness among the customers about the products and services. It involves different tools and channels such as motion pictures, packaging inserts, brochures, booklets, posters, leaflets, directories, billboards, display signs and logos (de Mooij, 2005).

    //Above is the discussion of advertising and its concepts. Moving to the next directions, explanation about the advertising liking, advertising likability and advertising effectiveness is to be discussed//

    Advertising Liking

    Advertising liking is the term which denotes the likely or positive attitude of the consumers towards advertising or commercials. It evokes the gratitude response among the consumers about the particular advertisement. Advertisement, which are attractive, interesting, meaningful, sensible, worthy, valuable and arousing, are liked by the viewers in great number. It refers to the feeling of people when they experience good or feel good about the particular advertisement. When a product has attractive attire and some creative features, it evokes advertising liking in a profound manner. Copy testing methods are used by the marketers to analyze or measure advertising liking. There are also some features or attributes of ad, which determines the advertising liking effectively. When the attributes and features of the advertisement are positive and favorable, there are more chances to generate advertising liking (Lancaster & Reynolds, 2005).

    Length of advertising decides the advertising liking, which is a key aspect to produce a positive feeling among the customers about the product or brand. Message content of the advertising also plays a key role in generating liking among the consumers about the particular product or brand. Form of presentation and its pattern used in advertisement also forms the basis of assuming the liking about the advertising among the customers. When all the features and attributes of the advertising are favorable and positively received by the people, the probability of liking the ads increases in a potent manner. Advertising liking is related to the delivery of the main message, if it is valuable and has an interesting phenomena, it is liked by the viewers. Advertising liking is the way through which the positive attitude of the consumers about the advertising is reflected and judged by the marketer.

    Advertising Likability

    Advertising likeability is the strategy through which it is easy to break or interrupt the scanning of the customers. Advertising likeability is important for the advertiser, as it plays a key role in the success or failure of the communication planning of the company in a profound manner. There are various things, which drive advertising. Advertising likabiltiy is related to the sales of the particular products and service offered by the marketer. It enhances persuasion about the specific product or brand, which is favorable for the company or marketer (Smit, Van and Neijens, 2006). There are some attributes of products such as meaningful, worthy remembering and true to life, which are perceived by the consumers positively and responsible to generate or increase the advertisement likabiltiy among the target market. Advertising likability is associated with the favorable attitude among the customers about the products (Taylor & Lee, 2007).

    Advertisements, which are less likely to generate counterargument among the consumers, have more potential to product advertising likability and liked by the consumers. It can be understood in different way, as the advertisement, which do not generate or evoke counterargument, have more chances to be liked by the consumers. Likewise, advertisements that are liked by the consumers have less chance to generate ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 2676 words with references.