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measure effectiveness of marketing efforts

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2) What monitoring and controlling mechanisms does your organization use to measure effectiveness of its marketing efforts? How effective are these methods?

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The expert measures the effectiveness of marketing efforts.

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advertising - effectiveness?
Judging the effectiveness of advertising
How can the effectiveness of an advert be judged?
The answer depends on what objectives or tasks were set for the advert.
The table below sets out some possible objectives/tasks and how the effectiveness of the advert might be measured:
Advertising objective How success can be measured
Stimulate an increase in sales - Number of enquiries from advert
- Number of enquiries converted into sales
Remind customers of the existence of a product - Test customer awareness both before and after the advertising campaign
- Number of enquiries
Inform customers - Test customer awareness
- Number of requests for further information
Build a brand image -Sales
-Test customer awareness of brand recognition and perceived values
Build customer loyalty and relationship - Levels of repeat purchase
- ...

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