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    IMC and Customer Satisfaction Strategy for a Restaurant

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    I need a IMC and Customer Satisfaction Strategy for a soul food restaurant (name): Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) and customer satisfaction strategy. It needs to address the following questions with at least 3 references.

    1. Discuss the company's advertising strategy and how it aligns with its marketing goals.
    2. Discuss how the effectiveness of the advertising will be measured.
    3. Discuss the promotional strategies that may be used in addition to advertising.
    4. Develop an approach to measuring customer satisfaction with your company's product/service.
    5. Discuss how gaps in customer expectations and experiences will be addressed.

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    Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) and Customer Satisfaction Strategy

    Advertisement Strategy and Marketing Goal

    In the competitive market, to attract customers and to increase customer base, it is essential for the restaurants to offer quality products and adopt effective integrated marketing communication strategies in terms of adopting effective advertisement strategies. Soul food restaurant is basically related with the Southern United State.

    Advertisement Strategy: To make brand image of the restaurant in the competitive marketplace, effective advertisement strategies are followed by the restaurant that comprises different tools and techniques such as television, newspaper, radio, magazine, etc. Along with this, leveraging social media is also incorporated by the firm under its advertisement strategies to increase positive image of the products of its (Freeman). Under the social media advertisement sources, Face Book, Twitter, YouTube, etc. are followed. These tools and techniques are followed by the firm to attract the customers towards its products (Altstiel & Grow, 2006).

    Alignment with Marketing Goals: In the competitive world market, to offer quality products to the customers has become a biggest challenge for Soul Food Restaurant. For this, it has become important for the firm to align its advertisement strategy with the marketing goals to increase its sales and face the challenges effectively. To align the marketing goals with the advertisement strategy, firstly, the firm sets its target and then collects ideas about these targets in terms of budgeting, customers, etc. (O'Guinn, Allen & Semenik, 2008).

    In this, grassroots marketing and promotion is used by the firm to assess effectiveness of its ideas over the customers. After analyzing effectiveness of the ideas, future planning is organized by the firm in terms of setting marketing objectives and future targets. After targeting marketing objectives, these objectives are implemented by the firm in the realistic world market with proper use of advertisement strategy (Soul Food Festival).

    Measurement of Effectiveness of Advertising

    To know about the result of spending money and paying attention on advertising, it is important for the firms to assess effectiveness of the advertising. For measuring effectiveness of the advertising, Soul Food restaurant will be take ...

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