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Article Review

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- Main theme/purpose
- Research questions/Hypotheses
- Background literature to support research
- Methodology
- Results/Discussion (i.e., conclusions drawn by the author(s) and important points made by the author(s)
- Significance of study/future areas of study
- Your assessment of how the information would be relevant to a sport management professional and academicians (research and managerial implications)

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- Main theme/purpose
The main theme of this research is to investigate how consumers perceive commercial sponsorship and how they view it when compared to advertising. The purpose of the paper is to study the effectiveness of sponsorship as a method of marketing communications.
- Research questions/Hypotheses
What are the consumer perceptions of commercial sponsorship as a method of marketing communications?
How do commercial sponsorship and advertising compare in terms of consumer perceptions?
what is the image which sponsorship involvement confers on the sponsor and if the image differs from that achieved through advertising?
- Background literature to support research
There is evidence in literature that shows that goodwill generation is the key factor that distinguishes sponsorship from advertising (McDonald1991) and (Meenaghan 1991, 1998), that media vehicle effect in advertising shows that different media vehicles have particular image values that affect consumer receptivity of advertising (Aaker & Brown, 1972; Gardner, 1985; Hafstrand,
194 MEENAGHAN 1988;), and there is consumer ambivalence towards advertising that is reflected in the public's "love-hate" relationship with advertising (Tylee, 1989).
- ...

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