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    Study Design (Climate Change Article)

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    Describe the study design used and three strengths and three weaknesses of the study design and three strengths and three weaknesses specific to the article (they can be the same or similar strengths and weaknesses). Not to exceed one page, single spaced.

    Article: http://www.unige.ch/climate/Publications/Beniston/SMW02.pdf
    Climatic change: possible impacts on human health - Martin Beniston

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    What I'll do is try and identify some key information so that you may expand on these points.

    The article draws entirely from research previously done by others, referencing their work, and using their work to draw their own conclusions. As a result, this type of study can either be considered a review article.

    Review articles are unique among scientific literature because of the points raised above. They are generally treated as the "news update" for a particular topic, since they are often comprehensive about what they describe. Anyone seeking to better understand the mechanisms behind epilepsy, for example, might look up a review article about the topic, and be able to read about various current findings, theories and future work across the entire field. In this sense, review articles have their strengths: they are comprehensive. This breadth also allows review articles to draw conclusions using many ...

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    The expert describes the study design used and three strengths and three weaknesses of the study design.