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Climatic Differences on a Firm

International Business: What is the impact of climatic differences on a firm?

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The Impact of Climatic Differences on an Organization

The phrase 'climatic differences' comes from the phrase 'organizational climate' which refers to the feeling of the employees in an organization on how they perceive that there must be something done at the moment. These feelings can change in a minute, in an hour, or even in days or weeks. Factors affecting these feelings are their leaders and peers, both formally and informally. The way their leaders act and model their attitudes and behavior towards others, the way they praise and ignore their colleagues, transmit these feelings can greatly affect the climate in organizations. 'Organizational climate' is an individual's perception and the cognitive representation of his or her work environment.

Since 'organizational climate' refers to only one individual's perception of his or her work environment, it is then important that employees in organizations share the same perceptions of the way things are done (culture) in the work environment. From here, we can therefore say that 'organizational climate' (sometimes also known as Corporate Climate) is actually the process of quantifying an ...

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