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Cranial Nerves Identification/Function for Anatomy Students

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Identify the cranial nerves by name, identifying if the nerve is sensory, motor, or mixed and its major function.

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The cranial nerves are named and identified according to sensory, motor or mixed classification. The major functions of each cranial nerve are discussed. Memory devices are included to facilitate the learning of the cranial nerves.

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The names of the cranial nerves are as follows:

I - Olfactory

II - Optic

III - Oculomotor

IV - Trochlear

V - Trigeminal

VI - Abducens

VII - Facial

VIII - Vestibulocochlear (or Acoustic)

IX - Glossopharyngeal

X - Vagus

XI - Accessory

XII - Hypoglossal

Here is a helpful memory device to remember whether a nerve is sensory (S), motor (M), or both (B). Note that both means mixed with reference to your question.

Some Say Money Matters, But My Brother Says Big Brains Matter Most.

Using this memory device, you can fill in the type of nerve for numbers I to XII.

I - Olfactory (S)

II - Optic ...

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