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    Reflection on human memory capabilities

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    Through one of my classes in psychology, I have found it fascinating that what we originally thought was just our memory, has now been broken down into short-term, long-term memory, implicit and explicit memory! This includes information processing and working memory too. I also have learned from our readings in one of my psychology classes that we get things from sensory memory and this then transfers to short-term and then long-term memory. By the way, we do this almost instantly! We do not think twice about this happening, it just happens as experiences occur.

    What are your thoughts on this happening almost instantly?

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    My thoughts are below. No references as it is simply my opinion and thoughts, as requested.

    I agree that this is fascinating and yet another example of how our brains are constantly working without us even being aware of the processes. The complicated act of transferring sensory information into short-term and long-term memories, almost instantly is one that is not only amazing but is necessary for survival as a human ...

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