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    Memory Strategy: Short-Term and Long-Term Forgetting

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    Offer a brief description of two occasions when you forgot something: one in the short-term and one in the long-term. For both of these examples, explain why you may have forgotten, using the traditional and then an alternative memory model. What insights do these explanations give you as to how memory for the event in questions might have been improved? Describe a memory strategy you use in your life, one that has been particularly useful.

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    Description of Occasions:

    In the field of psychology, memory is known as ability that is held by an individual in the retaining and recalling of information that had been stored in the mind. Memory loss occurs when one loses the perception of the information that had been stored in the mind. This is what makes one to forget certain aspects of events that occurred in the past. In one personal scenario, I was not able to recall where I had placed the house keys an event that took place over a short period of time. In the second scenario, I could not recall the specific place I had visited for my 16th birthday. The second scenario shows the long term act of forgetting (Human Memory, 2005).

    The Traditional Memory Model :

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