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False memories in the court process

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Offer a brief explanation about how encoding and retrieval processes apply to distorted memories. Then, explain the ramifications of memory distortion and false memories on the reliability of court witnesses and on information retrieved during therapy or counseling sessions. Finally, state why you think research on memory distortion and false memories is important in real-world settings.

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This solution discusses how encoding and retrieval processes apply to distorted memories, the ramifications of memory distortion and false memories in the courtroom, and the importance of research on memory distortion in the real world.

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Distorted Memories:

The memory process entails the acts of encoding, storing and retrieving information. There are diverse types of memories including sensory memory, short-term memory, and the long-term memory. The distortion of memories occurs when the encoding and the retrieval memory processes are interfered with. When the encoding stage of the memory process does not record the information in the appropriate manner, the sensory, ...

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