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Psychoanalytical Theory - Id, Ego, Superego

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Freud defined the structure of intellect using the id, ego and superego. In Freudian terms, what is the function of the id, ego and superego? According to Freud, to what extent are people aware of the underlying causes of their conscious and unconscious behaviors?

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Id represents primary process thinking: our most primitive, need-gratification impulses.

Ego balances our primitive drives, our moral ideals. And Super ego stands in opposition to the desires of the Id. The self of the person then has to deal with a balance among these three parts of the intellect.

Freud published his first book The Interpretation of Dreams, and it became one of the most popular as well as controversial books on personality theory. Psychoanalysis technique can be effective in treating mental disorders, shaped by psychoanalytic theory, which emphasizes unconscious mental processes and is sometimes described as ...

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