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Explaination of Psychodynamic Theories: Freud

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Discuss the strengths and limitations of Freud's theories in explaining individual behavior.

Explain how psycho dynamic theories influence interpersonal relationships (positively and negatively).

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In this solution, you will find a discussion of how Freud's psychodynamic theories influence interpersonal relationships. Also, the strengths and limitations are discussed. 1399 Words.

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In reviewing your question, there are various ways you can look at it. You have also mentioned that you are working with Freud's theories currently and I will apply my knowledge about Freud to this question.

Analysis of the strengths and limitations of the theories listed in explaining individual's behavior

There are strengths and limitations when discussing Freud's theory of personality (that is the one you said you are referring to). The most prominent limitation to employing Freud's theory of personality is the idea that people cannot have control over their own impulses, thoughts, or desires. Because Freud's psychoanalytical theory basically says that we are controlled by our subconscious...he does not give credit to the conscious state of being...mostly only the subconscious (id, ego, and superego). There are a ton of scholarly articles discussing the limitations of Freud's theories and unfortunately...the lack of credibility in his theories have become a main discussion in psychology journals. I will find a few articles for you that discuss this in more in-depth so you can become well-informed on the limitations. I would have to write a novel on this topic...but basically the largest limitation states that early psychoanalytical theories do not give credence to the individual being able to control their own states of mind and that the subconscious controls those states of mind - something that has been WIDELY researched and considered an obsolete view of psychology, the mind and behavior.

The strengths that are most mentioned in early psychoanalytic work (including Freud's work) are mostly contributed to the fact that the subconscious does contribute and help towards healthy reactions. For example, the subconscious assists in protecting ourselves from danger and do motivate us to aspire to greater levels of autonomy. If we did not have a "superego", there may not be very many helping agencies, social workers, and human service professionals in societies! All of these types of people have robust superegos. Also, if we did not have an "ego", we may not be interested in developing ourselves to become powerful people or attain wealth or ...

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