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Help with articles about memories

Two written texts on memory are discussed in terms of their different perspectives on memory.

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Please allow some of my notes and ideas to help you to compare and contrast two written texts on memory. After discussing the different texts different perspectives on memory, please send your draft for me to edit and offer feedback.

Since the topic is so vast, you might examine two articles about repressed memories. The first possible article for you to use is "Repressed Memories: Just the facts." by: Bertram P.Karon and Anmarie J Widener. The article's source is Professional Psychology: Research and Practice from 1999, Vol. 30, Issue 6. Again, please underline the title of the journal or publication and use APA or MLA as directed.

The authors verify the existence of repressed memories among clients. The authors seem to validate it with "Repression exists. Patients describe it, if they are given a chance to talk."

First, the authors define repression as "the psychological process of keeping something out of ...

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This posting identifies two articles about repressed memories to use as a starting point.