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Flashblub Memories: Pros and Cons

Reflecting back on the events that occurred on September 11, 2001, and knowing that everyone remembrance of the details of that day differs, which proves that the flashbulb memories of individuals differ just as well as their other types of memories of events that they have experienced.

There is research called "Flashblub Memory for 11 September 2001" website

1). Briefly what does research suggest about the pro and cons of flashblub memories relating to the 911 event.

2). What are some of the pros and cons according to this research?

Use scholarly sources to support your answers. Cite sources using APA format.

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Research seems to suggest that one of the pros of flashbulb memories related to the 9/11 event is the fact that these memories help individuals to remember the exact things that they were doing when they first witnessed the attacks live or via television, which adds to the efficacy of flashpoint memories in helping individuals to remember things in great detail surrounding traumatic experiences. Another pro is the fact that ...

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The pros and cons of flashblub memories are provided. The research suggested about the pros and cons of flashbulb memories are determined.