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    Flashblub Memory

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    1). What are your thoughts on the content of this discussion below as it relates to Flashblub Memory. Do you agree or disagree? Why

    This person reflected back on the events that occurred on September 11, 2001 and this person will report as many details as they can remember about that day. This person may discuss which details appear to be clearer than others are.

    2). Did you notice in this person discussion remembrance of that day any of the details differently than yours?

    3). Did this person remember any details about that day that you did not?

    In addition, this person will discuss what current research suggests about the accuracy of flashbulb memories.

    This is their discussion

    For me 9/11 was the most scariest thing I had ever witnessed I was on break from work and everybody was told to go home, because it was an attack on the world at least that's what they were telling us, I got home and turned on the news and it was all over the news I saw people screaming and running for their lives, I saw the trade center go down and then seconds later it seemed I saw an airplane hit another building I saw firefighters digging up bodies, I saw so many people running to help others I remember seeing families screaming for their loved ones that was a scary scene as if it was something in a movie I could not believe my eyes I started calling family members to see if they were ok and if any of my family was on them planes I was praying for everyone I was in shock at what I was seeing

    9/11 is flashbulb memory for me it was an event that will be remembered it is a long lasting memory, it was vivid, precise and an event that has been told over and over.

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    I would agree that this individual's flashbulb memories seem to be quite clear relating to 9/11 events, but this discussion also proves that flashbulb memories are subject to become inaccurate ...

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