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    Types of Child Abuse

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    I would like to discuss different types of child abuse. This is for a 6-8 page paper I need to write. A detailed outline with at least 10 references would be helpful. Thank you.

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    Please see response attached (also below). I also attached some useful statistics on cild abuse foe consideration.


    I. Introduction (i.e., about ¼ - ½ page; introduce topic; include purpose statement: The purpose of this paper is to ...).

    The term "child abuse" refers to the violence, mistreatment or neglect that a child or adolescent may experience while in the care of someone they either trust or depend on, such as a parent, sibling, other relative, caregiver or guardian. Abuse may take place anywhere and may occur, for example, within the child's home or that of someone known to the child. http://www.justice.gc.ca/en/ps/fm/childafs.html

    II. Different forms of Child Abuse

    There are many different forms of abuse and a child may be subjected to more than one form:

    a. Physical abuse may consist of just one incident or it may happen repeatedly. It involves deliberately using force against a child in such a way that the child is either injured or is at risk of being injured. Physical abuse includes beating, hitting, shaking, pushing, choking, biting, burning, kicking or assaulting a child with a weapon.1 It also includes holding a child under water, or any other dangerous or harmful use of force or restraint. Female genital mutilation is another form of physical abuse. http://www.justice.gc.ca/en/ps/fm/childafs.html

    b. Sexual abuse and exploitation involves using a child for sexual purposes. Examples of child sexual abuse include fondling, inviting a child to touch or be touched sexually, intercourse, rape, incest, sodomy, exhibitionism, or involving a child in prostitution or pornography.2http://www.justice.gc.ca/en/ps/fm/childafs.html

    c. Neglect is often chronic, and it usually involves repeated incidents. It involves failing to provide what a child needs for his or her physical, psychological or emotional development and well being. For example, neglect includes failing to provide a child with food, clothing, shelter, cleanliness, medical care or protection from harm.3 Emotional neglect includes failing to provide a child with love, safety, and a sense of worth. http://www.justice.gc.ca/en/ps/fm/childafs.html

    d. Emotional abuse involves harming a child's sense of self. It includes acts (or omissions) that result in, or place a child at risk of, serious behavioural, cognitive, emotional or mental health problems. For example, emotional abuse may include verbal threats, social isolation, intimidation, exploitation, or routinely making unreasonable demands. It also includes terrorizing a child, or exposing them to family violence. http://www.justice.gc.ca/en/ps/fm/childafs.html

    e. Shaken-baby syndrome (SBS) is ...

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    This solution provides a detailed outline on different types of child abuse, prevelance and consequences. Research validated with extra statistics fact sheet on the prevelance and type of child abuse, as well as references are provided.