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    Investigating Crimes Against Children

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    Assume you are a newly promoted supervisor in your investigative unit. Until now, an outside agency has handled all of your reported crimes against children. In 10 slides, using proper references and your own words, create a PowerPoint presentation to train your unit.

    In this PowerPoint presentation, discuss in detail the following:

    •Differentiate between the four most common types of maltreatment of children?
    •How do neglect and abuse differ?
    •Examine the main indicators for neglect and abuse?
    •Create a checklist that outlines the indicators for child neglect, emotional abuse, physical abuse and sexual abuse.

    References needed

    I need this by Tuesday night January 26, 2016

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    Differentiate between the four most common types of maltreatment of children?

    The four most common types of maltreatment children suffer are emotional abuse, sexual abuse, physical abuse, and neglect. These are characterized by specific actions that are taken in regard to abuse and actions that should be taken but are not taken for neglect.

    Emotional abuse entails behavior that isn't conducive to providing the child with a stable and safe place for their mental health development wherein any caregiver that berates, verbally abuses, or ostracizes a child would be engaging in emotional abuse.
    Physical child abuse is predicated upon the intentional infliction of injury to a child. Sexual abuse entails any exploitive behavior that is of a sexual nature as children can't consent to any sexual ...

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