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    6 Government Agencies Investigating White-Collar Crime

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    Identify and describe six agencies that investigate white-collar crimes, including at least one each from local, state, and federal levels.

    For each of the six agencies, identify the types of white-collar crimes dealt with and provided an appropriate example.

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    The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC),
    Internal Revenue Service (IRS),
    United States Postal Service (USPS), at the federal level are responsible for investigating white collar crimes.

    The Attorney's General Office and Division of Insurance at the state level could investigate white collar crimes. The local level would entail the use of the sheriff's office (Rogers, 2012).

    For each of the six agencies, identified the types of white-collar crimes dealt with and provided an appropriate example

    The SEC would investigate white-collar crimes that deal with enforcement of federal laws pertaining to securities and regulation of the ...

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    This solution provides information on 6 federal and state agencies that investigate white-collar crimes and provides examples of the types of white-collar crime that fall under these agencies jurisdictions.