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Corruption, failed war on drugs, and public policy

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How would a curb drug abuse, white-collar time, and organized crime.
Analyzed the impact of white-collar and organized crimes on public attitude toward crime and their confidence in government, similar crimes, crime organizations, and government machinery.
Recommended measures to lessen the impact of white-collar and organized crime on the society and the government machinery.
Analyzed the public perceptions about the war on drugs and recommended measures to deal with the problem of drugs.
Recommended measures to change public perceptions about the glamorization of criminals and outlaws.

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What are some recommendations to improve government efforts to curb the menace of drugs and to lessen the impact of white-collar and organized crime on the community and the government.

First and foremost, the "menace" of drugs is the government's asinine "war on drugs", which has been the biggest failure in the history of any warfare. It has resulted in countless ruined families, lives, and communities, and the first step to lessening the impact of organized crime, which obtains a majority of their profits from drugs, is to legalize drugs and stop criminalizing addiction and minor possession of drugs. This would eliminate the majority of organized crime profits and stop the rampant incarceration of individuals in America from mostly minority communities, which has devastated entire generations of African American and Hispanic males. To curb white-collar crime, the government should implement more stringent regulation on corruption by banks and other major corporations while also overhauling the campaign finance laws, which have enabled corporations to give billions of ...

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Corruption, failed war on drugs, and public policy are discussed in the solution.