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A Community's Corrections Policy

The audience is specifically interested in discussing whether corrections should be focused on one or all of the following functions:

•Rehabilitation of offenders
•Isolation of chronic offenders

After carefully considering available information and points of view on the subject, decide which role you believe should be the focus of the community's corrections policy. To prepare for the program, create 5 questions you believe callers may ask. Explain your point of view on the role of corrections in the criminal justice system to each of the questions asked, and draw a connection to the topic you are researching for this course. How do issues in corrections correlate with the topic you are researching?

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Rehabilitation should be the focus of a community's correction policy because nonviolent drug offenders will be released into the community. Over 70% of incarcerated offenders are currently in prison for nonviolent drug offenses. Therefore, the community should ensure that corrections rehabilitates these offenders by providing educational opportunities in prison, substance abuse treatment, and ensuring that they don't become indoctrinated into the violent culture of predation in prison against these offenders.

1. Why do so many offenders recidivist and go back to prison upon release?
2. Why is so little rehabilitation available for nonviolent drug offenders?
3. Why are nonviolent drug offenders even sent to prison?
4. Does the current policy of incarcerating nonviolent drug ...

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A community's correction policy is examined. The isolation of chronic offenders are provided.