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War on Drugs Speech

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Can you help provide me with a guide for writing a speech on the "war on drugs" in the United States? It should include enough information for me to talk about for 5 - 7 minutes.

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Over 1.3 million people incarcerated, hundreds of thousands of lives lost, and entire communities' destroyed has been the legacy established by the war on drugs. The figures are staggering as well as the incompetence and sheer failure that the war on drugs has been over the 30 + years of its existence. The purpose of this speech is to educate the American public about the real toll that the war on drugs has cost America. This topic is relevant to each and every person in this classroom because it is our friends, relatives, and acquaintances who are most affected by this backward policy. In addition tens of billions of dollars have been wasted on this asinine war that has played a major role in the destabilization of entire nations as well as state governments in the United States.

I am a current degree holder with two collegial degrees in criminal justice, which gives me credence when discussing this polarizing subject. The United States is currently at a crossroads with the war on drugs as several states in the country have decided to decriminalize small amounts of possession of marijuana while others have done so de-facto. The following speech will provide the audience with the impetus for making governmental policy toward marijuana that decriminalizes its use as a drug under current legislation and also provide the audience with the figures that justify the ending of the longest war in American history.

Develop a full-sentence transition that leads into your first main point

The monetary costs that have been spent on the over 40 year war on drugs are atrocious enough, but it is the human costs that are truly frightening.


I. Main Point One (Full Sentence)

What began as an American crusade against drugs during the presidency of Richard Nixon has morphed into a global quagmire with deadly consequences for many countries on the frontlines of this failed war.

A. Support for point

Several countries around the world have been destabilized as a direct result of the "war on drugs" started by Nixon and continued under every subsequent American president. Colombia, Mexico, and even Afghanistan have been shattered by the negative side effects with the war on drugs. These countries and their citizens have been collateral damage in America's pursuit toward the unachievable. Each of these countries has seen their governmental and societal structures shattered as a direct result of American policy on drugs that has been exported around the world.

1. Facts

The global costs that the war on drugs has exacted include the current situation in Mexico where over 33 people are murdered every day as a result of this war. In addition the necessity of the U.S. government in funding large clandestine operations that involve covert and ...

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