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    Vietnam war and Counter culture

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    1. The origin of the counter culture in America and opposition to Vietnam war
    2. Political activism during 1960's
    3. Changing lifestyle among youngsters
    4. Growth of left-wing politics
    5. Sexual Revolution
    6. Rise of feminism and equality

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    The word "counter culture" refers to the response of the American youngsters to the Vietnam war. When the war began there started an unprecedented opposition from the public and college students. The air was filled with anti-war demonstrations and peace rallies. This anti-war sentiment led to the development of counter culture and a rebellion against the traditions of the middle class American society.

    There started an upsurge of political activism among the youngsters and the driving force behind it were the Civil Rights movement and anti-war sentiments. The war brought the New Left Movement to forefront and their political activity was concentrated ...

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    This solution contains social structure and life style in United States during 1960s as a result of Vietnam war. This was known as the Counter culture. The Vietnam war and draft following created an unprecedented unrest among the youngsters and college students of US. The counter culture was reflected by a kind of rebellion against the orthodox American society and attraction towards left wing groups. Great changes were made in the field of sex, women' rights etc.