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    Community Involvement

    Many members of differerent communities wish they had a voice in how they need to be protected by police officers.¹ Community policing enables residents to join forces with local police to more actively combat crime in their communities.¹ Community policing is especially effective within areas that are at special risk for crime. Community policing effectively builds on fundamental policing strategies with an emphasis on crime prevention and lasting solutions to problems.

    There are three elements to communiting policing¹:

    • Community Partnerships: recognize the value of bringing people back into their policing process. Every element of society pulls together to deal effectively with the unacceptable level of crime claiming America's neighborhoods;
    • Problem Solving: once priority concerns have been identified, problem solving involves analyzing information about the problem to find out who is being victimized and how, when and exactly where the problems occur and what environmental (or other) conditions make it easy for the crime to occur.
    • Change Management: requires recognizing that forging community-policing partnerships and implementing problem-solving activites will change the organization structure of policing. "Properly managed change involves recognizing the need for change, communicating a clear vision that change is possible, identifying the concrete steps needed for positive change to occur, developing an understanding of the benefits of change, and creating an organization-wide commitment to change."



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