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Child Abuse and Neglect

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I need assistance in critically analyzing the historical provisions made to curtail child abuse or neglect. What were the mistakes or successes? Are the provisions and services in place today sufficient? Why or why not?

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Child Abuse and Neglect

1. Historical provisions made to curtail child abuse and neglect were in both legal and social arenas. The provisions were made to define terms of child abuse as physical, emotional, sexual and neglect. The legal provisions made it easier to prosecute and investigate allegations of child abuse. As well, evidence and admittance of evidence for such cases were considered more seriously and judiciously. Social and legal provisions gave courts the right to interfere with discipline and child rearing ...

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Evaluating the services and provisions for child abuse and neglect

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Discuss the types of abuse and neglect that could be present in the life of a child or adolescent and that may impact their ability to function in their daily roles. What are some indicators that these issues may be present? List long-term effects for each type of abuse. Who are the different types of individuals that might spot signs and symptoms that some type of abuse or neglect is present? What would their roles be in reporting this abuse?

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