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Planned Parenthood of SE Pennsylvania v. Casey (1992)

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Do an analysis of the of a amicus brief. Summarize the brief and explain whether you agree with all or part of it and why. Be sure to support your position.

Planned Parenthood of SE Pennsylvania v. Casey

Analyze the impact of psychological research on public policy and the law

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The solution provides information, assistance and advise in tackling the task (see above) on the topic of presenting an amicus curiae from a psychological point on the case of Planned Parenthood of SE Pennsylvania v. Casey (1992) as it relates to practice of psychology within a legal system, including impact.

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The solution below should get you started. In this particular task, you are being asked to present an amicus curiae brief, which should be concise but on target. A amicus curiae is an opinion, especially in civil cases where you are considered a 'friend of the court' and where your opinion might matter. I suggest using this simple outline: 

1. The case summary - 100 words 
2. Impact of Psych research: legal and policymaking - 150 words 
3. Opinion   100 words 

This outline should yield around 350 words which should cover what you need. Just let me know via the feedback section if you need further clarification. You can also use the listed resources to further explore the topic.All the best with your studies.  
AE 105878/Xenia Jones 
Amicus Curiae: SE Pennsylvania vs. Casey 
The case of Planned Parenthood of SE Pennsylvania v. Casey (1992) is a landmark case because it extended the debate brought on in Roe vs. Wade in relation to planned parenthood. According to the Legal Information Institute of Cornell University   Law School (2013), it is "The Supreme Court case that reaffirmed the aspect of Roe v. Wade (1973) that prohibited states from disallowing abortion prior to viability. However, the Court overruled two aspects of the Roe decision: (1) the trimester distinction and (2) the use of strict scrutiny for judicial review of government regulation of abortions." In 1973, the terms of Roe vs. Wade set precedents in relation to planned parenthood, primary of it being that states are not allowed to banning most abortions except on certain cases to protect mother and 'viable' fetuses. States however set up procedural hurdles that had the same result - making abortions ...

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