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Ethics of STDs, Birth Control & an 11 Year Old Girl

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Vicky, a sexually active 11-year old girl, appears at your local health clinic seeking birth control but is unwilling to have her boyfriend or parents involved. Some of the clinic staff are concerned with her ability for contraception and protection from STDs at this age. Others feel that they do not have the right to judge or protect her from her own actions. They also feel that the fact that she requesting birth control demonstrates her maturity.

What is your analysis of the various ethical considerations involved in this situation? How should the competing ethical considerations be resolved? Argue both sides of the issue, explicitly basing arguments on ethical principles and/or theories. CITE SOURCES!

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The issues of parental involvement, risk factors for teens and sex, available help for sexually active teens and preteens are discussed.

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As a Public Health Educator, previously working with a granted funded program to diminish teen pregnancy, in Detroit, Planned Parenthood had documented cases of 11 year old pregnancies. Following that employment, work was secured 20 minutes away, in a conservative community. In the later, there was denial of any problem in their community and alternative funding was sought. The fact is that both ...

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