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world arguments for birth control

Using your own words, explain three (3) world arguments for birth control and two (2) world arguments against birth control. Give original examples or further clarification of each viewpoint or position.

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In terms of three arguments for birth control, I would say that these three things come to mind:

1. Prevents unwanted/teen pregnancy.
In the state I live, we have a huge percentage of teen pregnancies. This is a problem because what happens is that the mothers and their babies often do not have the resources to get a good job and pay for medical needs/groceries/rent. So, they become dependent on state and federal aid. Although they may definitely need the aid, it does make the tax-payers responsible for many children that are not their own. Some would say that is our responsibility to take care of children, ours or not, but in many cases, it is not how people feel. However, my state also preaches abstinence heavily, which means that kids are unlikely to ask parents for birth control or seek it out themselves. Instead of abstaining, they take their chances and end up pregnant. Instead of opting to adopt or get an abortion, they often keep ...

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This solution presents some world arguments for birth control and criticism against birth control.