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Pros and cons of population control

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Based on growing population and China's policies on population control, discuss your feelings on the following;

1. How do you feel about this policy?
2. What types of benefits and downfalls could you see happening with this type of policy?
3. What impacts could it have on the population both scientifically and socially?
4. Do you think a policy such as this would ever be passed in the United States?

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Forced population control is a drastic measure. It violates human rights on many levels, and disrupts social balance. In almost every instance of forced population control, the ratio of boys to girls has risen. This is because the program has the most impact on poor rural people, who have traditional values and believe that sons are necessary to their family's success. Thus the brunt of the policy falls on infant girls, who are either killed or mistreated because of the family's desire to save their "quota" for a son. Even in countries without population control, such as Korea, the ability to determine the sex of a child before birth has led to a significantly greater number of males in the population. In China, the girls who are born are often abandoned in hopes of being able to "try again" for a boy. These babies often die before they are found, although many do make it to orphanages where they can be adopted by foreigners. (China has tight restrictions on allowing its own citizens to adopt.) The social implications of not having enough women are serious, and can imbalance a society. I'm not sure what to say about it being a scientific problem, other than that population will fall precipitously in the next generation if there are fewer women than men. Here is ...

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Problems with coercive population control and possible alternatives.