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    Restoring Biodiversity by Introducing new Animals

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    What could be the pros and cons of populating areas with animals such as lions, cheetahs, hyenas, elephants, camels, etc.? Would that help bring back some of the lost diversity?

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    Short Answer: It may or may not help restoring diversity. It really depends how well the 'introduced' animal(s) will fit in its new environment.

    Longer Answer: To answer this question you first need to understand the concept of ecosystem. An ecosystem is basically physical and biological features of an environment. Different organisms live in different ecosystems (based on the geographical and physical components of the environment) and MOST importantly, this collection of organisms form this ecosystem over time and through the course of evolution. Therefore, it may not be easy to introduce a new organism to an ecosystem. A classic example of this ...

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    The pros and cons of populating areas with animals and its relationship to biodiversity.