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    Consequences of Human and Animal Interface

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    Some opponents of endangered species efforts have argued that endangered species recovery is too expensive, stands in the way of individual property rights, and produces little to no results in the recovery of endangered species. Do you agree or disagree with this position? How important is biodiversity from a biological perspective? How important is biodiversity to you personally? Are you willing to give up economic gains for the benefit of biodiversity?

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    A perfect example of human interference with animals having negative consequences is what happened earlier this year to me. My cat was obsessed with bringing home the cute baby bunnies last spring. Two were saved and were injury-free. Two died and two little bunnies were released with injuries. In the summer there were a couple rabbits that lingered around the property. In the summer, the cat died but her contribution to the environment failed, due to human intervention.

    Late summer a very large coyote passed through the yard. There are local experts who can trap these predatory animals since we don't like our beloved pets to be eaten. If I had let the baby bunnies die as would have happened in nature, then the coyotes may have moved on of their own accord, due to a limited food supply.

    Cougars are in the news, with the same drama, as well. The animals roaming through the neighborhood are just following instincts to eat and reproduce in order to keep their species ...

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    Human interference with animals is discussed.