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    Analyzing Human Interaction

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    Analyze precursors and consequences of human interaction in terms of social psychology concepts.

    Explore basic concepts of human interaction from a social psychological perspective.

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    To begin, I would suggest that you search for your background information and reference sources by searching the Internet using any search engine that you prefer. Using a different engine will give you different hits, so you might want to try another if you do not find what you want, or enough varied references on the first engine. I like Google, so that is the one I used. You will also get journal articles and other scholarly articles and papers if you have access to subscription databases like ERIC, or EBSCOHost, among others. Sometimes a public library will give you access to these, or a college or University library. I will try not to use those resources, because you won't get them if you cannot access the database.

    APA requires double-spacing. Open a new document in your word processing software, and set the line spacing to double. Also choose Times New Roman font, and font size 12. Set a standard five-space paragraph indent. There is no extra space between paragraphs. An APA title page is fairly simple, BUT many professors want special, additional things on their title pages. They do this for two reasons. The first is that they really do want it that way, and the second reason is to see if you read the assignment instructions (many students don't). If they do want things that are not specifically APA, follow their directions, since APA is not giving you your grade.

    The paper starts on the top of the next page. Do not space down. Your introductory paragraph introduces the paper's topic, and should contain your thesis statement. Your thesis statement presents your view of the topic, and is the "meat" of the paper, or what the paper is all about. Usually, but not always, the thesis statement is the last sentence in the introduction.

    The next part of the paper is the body, and this is where you will address each of the assignment parts that the assignment specified. You can identify these using subheadings in APA style, if you like. To cite quotes and paraphrases in-text, check this site: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/, or another one you prefer, that gives you examples and directions on how to properly do this in APA format.

    Finally, your References page will begin at the top of a new page, at the end of your paper. The Perdue OWL site has examples of proper APA citation formatting, too. APA citations are hanging indent, and also double-spaced. Generally, titles of books are italicized, OR the title of the journal magazine or newspaper, NOT both. The citation lists the author(s) name(s), last first, and initials. Then the date. Then the title of the article/book, then the name of the journal/newspaper OR the publisher, then ...

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    Analyzing human interaction, with model sample paper beginning and URL Web based references, APA formatted.